Cat training: how to succeed?

Cats are one of the most popular pets. If you've just adopted one, you'll need to train it to obey you. Here are some tips and tricks for successfully training your cat.

Answering Your Call

Many people think that it may be difficult to get a cat to obey you. In addition to being easy, the process of cat training is more than enjoyable. So, at the very beginning, you must teach your cat to respond to your call. This is the first step. To do this successfully, go into your kitchen and get some treats. It's been noted that cats love the kitchen because that's where they find food. Next, call your cat's name while waving the treats around so he sees them. If he ignores you, move closer and give him a treat. Then repeat the same scenario. Do this several times over several days. Alternate between treats and hugs when you call him and he comes to you. During this process, work on keeping your tone high and audible.

Teaching her to sit

When you want to teach your cat how to sit, do it when she's about to eat. Using a treat, say "sit. If she obeys and sits, praise her by giving her the treat. But if he doesn't, help him by pressing on his hindquarters to make him understand what you're saying. This exercise should also be repeated several times to get him used to the various commands you give him. Again, you'll need to find other ways to praise and encourage him when he does what you tell him to do. The cat is a feline that loves to cuddle. Don't deprive your cat of this. On the other hand, punishing your cat may be part of his training. However, punishing your cat is not the same as kicking or hitting it with a stick.