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We, Sonny and Cher, are two (Abyssinian) cats from Denmark, and we have made this website FOR YOU! NOT your human(s), but for YOU! And we want YOU to contribute to our site by sending us pictures and stories or cat product reviews. Help us make this the best and funniest cat site in all of Cyberspace!

So send us your pictures and we will put it on our site!

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cat paw print JUST IN: Product review

iPad book app: "Paws off my keyboard, Kitty!"

This is an app you will find absolutely hilarious and your human will find shockingly enlightening. Because this iPad book app tells - and shows - what we, felines, are really doing when our master ("master" - they wish!) is away : )

Available on the app store


cat products reviews rating - 5 happy cat heads for iPad book app: Paws off my keyboard, Kitty! by Martine Carlsen

FROM: Sonny & Cher, 12/19/10


iPad book: Paws off my keyboard, Kitty! By Martine Carlsen

•• So true, so true : )

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FUN AND GAMES FOR CATS - iPad cat game by Martine Carlsen

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cat fun pictures line
cat fun pictures line

cat paw print JUST IN: Useful advice

How to get your humans to take your picture 2: strike a pose - AND LOOK REALLY CUTE!

If you enjoy being in the spotlight and having your picture taken, do what I do: Strike a cute pose.

FROM: Casey, 06/23/13



Cat striking a cute pose - looking like it's praying

•• Notice how I mangage to look cute while striking a "prayer pose"

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cat paw print JUST IN: Product review

Small toy wrestling ring

Hi, my name is Candy & my sister's name is Angel.

This is Angel (first picture, on the right!), she used to love to hide in the pot plant & then jump on us when we went passed.

One day I decided to get her back by challenging her to a wrestling match. We used our human brother's wrestling ring.I'm not sure if he liked us using it or not but I know ALL our human family used to laugh at us when we were fighting in it so I guess he didn't mind too much at all.

We made sure we were really careful not too break it on him.

We had so much fun but Mum used to referee us,just to make sure things didn't get out of hand I guess.
It sure was a tough fight & although I gave it my best...I think Angel won that match...

I loved my sister but she doesn't live with us anymore because she is in heaven.I guess she really is an angel now & I miss her terribly.

We had so much fun with the wrestling ring, it is as if it was made for small kittens to wrestle in. This wrestling ring is a good product, very sturdy. It would be even better if it was just a little bigger (as you can see), so we give it 4 cat heads.


cat products reviews rating - 4 happy cat heads for toy wrestling ring

FROM: Candy, 08/18/12


cute kittens Candy and Angel

•• That's Angel on the right and me, Candy, on the left

cute kittens wrestling in small toy wrestling ring 1

•• Angel's got me in a standing side headlock (or something!?)

cute kittens wrestling in small toy wrestling ring 2

•• That's me leaving the ring : (

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cat paw print JUST IN: Misc

And another "MISC"

This is another submission we had to put under misc - you'll see why : )

This is what Tux the Cat wrote to us:

Here are two photos of me in my wild adventures! In the first, I am dressed as Puss in Boots gallivanting around Ithaca, N.Y. The second was a dream in which I was being clawed by a dinosaur. Please take a look at my fantasy blog called Tux the Cat and His Exotic Exploits at

I'm trying to make more people aware of my crazy stories and pictures, but it is hard. Thanks!!!

Tux the Cat

FROM: Tux the Cat, 02/10/12


Funny picture of tux the cat in boots

Picture of tux the cat with dinosaur

•• Tux the Cat!

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cat paw print JUST IN: Product review

Wonderful book!

Mary Ann Bator-Gray (the author of the book) says:

"Amelia Island, Florida, and the beach where I live with my husband and three cats, provides a treasure trove of inspiration for writing magical adventure stories. I hope they are enjoyed by both children and adults.

Cats Angels is a local rescue, spay, and neuter center. The furry residents with their charming, individual personalities, make great characters. See details of the first adventure on the next page."

About the first adventure in the book:
JADEN AND THE WEEJUM, A Cats' Angels Adventure

A story to delight children as well as adults who love animals.

Eight-year-old, Jaden, lost a treasured porcelain doll and a kitten given to her by her grand mother. That same night, she is visited by a Weejum, a magical creature, and four cats from the local animal shelter that have come to help her find her toys.
In the Weejum world where her toys have gone, Jaden has to choose which paths to take on their quest. She's afraid her toys will be lost forever if she makes a mistake. Jaden knows that the decisions she's made lately have been wrong.

We (Sonny & Cher) say: Buy the book, support animal rescue centers and submit a book review to us. It's a great cause!

Check it out:


FROM: Mary Ann Bator-Gray, 09/24/11


Jaden and the Weejum - cat book

•• Proceeds from book sales help animal rescue centers

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cat paw print JUST IN: Misc

The missing category!

We received these photos and we simply couldn't figure out in which catogory to post them, since there was no accompanying story or explanation, but we just had to have them on our site. So we decided to create a new "category"; the MISCELLANEOUS'es!

We are sure more submissions will end up here eventually : )

FROM: NN, 02/05/11


Funny picture of pissed off cat

Funny picture of even more pissed off cat

•• We'll let the pictures speak for themselves!

funny cat line

cat paw print JUST IN: Useful advice


One Saturday morning, my mom needed to run an errand downtown at her office. I was being kind of a brat that morning. I woke mom up trying to break into the bedroom closet, I moved all the sheepskin rugs into the bedroom and I attacked the reindeer rug, and turned over my toy cardboard fighter plane. Since I like to go out with mom, and because I was so restless, Mom took me with her because the whole thing was going to be just riding the train and going up and down a lot of stairs and escalators. I have a stroller, but we didn't use it that morning; we just used a small carrier bag and my harness and leash.

We had a pretty good time riding the T and we talked to a lot of people. I was wearing my sweater, because it was cold, and of course that garnered a lot of comments (I look so handsome in my sweater).

Mom completed her errand, and we headed home. That's when it happened. I like to run up and down stairs, and that includes escalators. Also, because i'm very smart, I also know when we're close to home, and so I like to jump out and run home on my own. So, when we got to the Broadway station, which is "our" subway station, I wanted to run up the escalator, so I pushed out of the carrier, but I had my leash on, so Mom let me go. She had to run to keep up with me!

At the top of the escalator, I felt something bite my right back foot and let out a squawk! because it hurt. Turns out, I had gotten my foot caught between the top step and the hole where the escalator goes back underneath the floor. There have been a lot of horror stories in Boston about people wearing Crocs getting caught in escalators, and it's also a big deal that small children are in danger of injury on escalators. Mom always thought that was kind of an urban legend, but when she saw me with my foot caught, she says she immediately thought of those stories, and had a mental image of me getting sucked into the machinery. She didn't see the emergency button that stops the escalator, so she just grabbed my foot and pulled pulled me out.

She saw blood, and she just instantly reacted. She held my foot really tight and went up the stairs to go to the vet. We live literally just down the street from our vet and take the #9 bus from Broadway station to get there, so at first Mom went to wait for the bus. After waiting maybe a minute, she realised how stupid that was (I could have told her that!) and hailed a cab. Thankfully, a cab stopped almost immediately and took us in. Mom told him what had happened, promised that I wouldn't get any blood on his cab's seat, and assured him that the vet was just up the street about 12 blocks. He turned around to take a look at me and then pulled out a roll of paper towels! Mom took them and held them onto my foot really tightly. It might have hurt, but my foot already hurt, so I couldn't really tell. I just sat quietly on mom's lap while we drove up the hill to the vet.

They know me pretty well at the vet, because I'm just that charismatic. Mom had also been there twice that past week because Angel, my sister, was having bad poops. So Mom walked in with me, and said, "I have an emergency…" and they ushered us straight to the back.

Our regular vet, Dr. Waggener, wasn't there, so we were seen by Dr. Horrigan, who I'd never met before. The took off the paper towels and got a good look at my injury. Because of all the blood, Mom thought I lost a claw – they bleed a lot if you cut them too short. But she says she was really afraid that I'd lost a toe or toes… or part of my foot. Turns out, all that happened is I'd gotten a deep cut on one toe pad. It was a really deep cut, down all the way to the tendon, but it was just the one toe. They glued it with a special glue instead of giving me stitches, so they wouldn't have to worry about removing the stitches later.

I also had to take antibiotics and pain killers, too. They made me woozy, but I was good at taking them, especially because Mom put them in these delicious treats called "Pill Pockets." I had to keep my foot bandaged, and I really didn't like that at all. Mom took me back to the vet a lot to see if we could take off the bandages, but when they looked at my foot, they always said I wasn't ready to have them off yet. Finally, three weeks to the day of the accident, FINALLY, it was okay to take my bandage off. I was super lucky. My foot healed up perfectly fine, and I will barely even have a scar! Just one claw on one toe will be a little crooked, but since Mom keeps my claws trimmed, even that won't bother me.

But let my near-tragedy be a lesson to all the cats and kitten out there: if your mom or dad takes you out somewhere, always listen to what they tell you: Don't ever take off on your own, and especially be careful around machines - ALL machines, even if they seem super harmless.

Read our blog: The Daily Abissinian

FROM: Jake, 12/19/10


Cat on escalator

Cat at the vet

Cat riding the bus

Cat with bandaged foot

•• This is me... on the escalator, at the vet, riding the bus home (from the vet) and finally at home with my bandaged foot!

funny cat line

cat paw print JUST IN: Product review

(A note from website owners, Sonny & Cher: We decided to include this review even though it's written by a humen simply because we want to draw attention to this extremely useful book!)

Book: "Who Moved My Mouse"

What a great book... for felines, that is. I used to wonder why every interaction with my own cats left me with an inferiority complex. But after finding a hidden copy of Who Moved My Mouse? under one of their blankets, it's obvious those felines snobs are receiving unfair coaching.

Author Dena Harris has sold out and provided cats worldwide with tips and tricks to amplify their already inflated egos.

Harris claims she simply wants to empower cats to make the twenty minutes they're awake each day, the best twenty minutes of their lives. I don't buy it. I believe she's made a clandestine deal with the furry devils so when they take over the world, in large part by using the advice from her book, they'll spare her from perpetual cat box cleanings.

You will want to buy many copies of this book... so you can destroy them. We must prevent copies from getting into the paws of cats everywhere.

Find out more:


cat products reviews rating - 5 happy cat heads for The world is your litter box book

FROM: Christopher Laney, 11/16/10


Cover of book - Who moved my mouse

•• Book cover! ... as if you couldn't guess : )

funny cat line

cat paw print JUST IN: Useful advice

Strike a pose

My name is C'mere D. Cat but you can just call me C'mere. My room mate's name is Kat. She writes a blog and I am her moose... I mean, muse.

I like to watch TV.

I like to watch TV a lot.

I took my own picture on Kat's Macbook so she figured I deserved my own Facebook page. I have made friends much faster than Kat ever did. MOL.

Oh, here's my advice, if you're interested: Humans often think they are on a different level than cats. It's true. Humans once worshiped us as gods. We never worshiped them as anything. So, when the humans around you get hoity toity, strike a Sphinx-like pose
and look regal. They will admire you and give you lots of treats.

P.S. Here's a video that's not by me or my Kat but we like it a lot and thought
you might too.

FROM: C'mere D, 06/05/10



Picture of a human holding a beautiful black cat

•• Me and my room mate, Kat!

Picture of black cat watching tv

•• I like to watch TV

Picture of black cat watching tv

•• I like to watch TV a lot

Cat taking his own picture with a MacBook

•• I took my own picture on Kat's Macbook

Beautiful black cat striking a sphinx pose

•• Strike a Sphinx-like pose and look regal

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cat paw print JUST IN: Useful advice

New Bath, lets make inspection!

Hi everycat!
I'm Noche (Night) from Spain, the fellow partner of Miu.

Recently we have been moving, and it has been an amazing adventure... and of course we did help!!!

We helped our she-human by inspecting every box and passing quality tests by jumping on and chewing them, telling her she was forgetting things at the bottom of empty closets every time we found something lost, unpacking things we considered were deficiently packed and could be dangerous while carrying them, inspecting and giving approval to every human that came to carry boxes... so a hard job.

Now, this same task must be done in our new home, everything needs to be inspected, here the bath.
The quality tests a bath should pass are: comfortable sinks, hot water at the shower, fresh and delicious water at the washbasin, and a good platform to stare while your human is pooping. (Advice: you can check your human health after, by pocking your nose into the pan to see how stinks).

See you next time.
Meows to everycat!

FROM: Noche & Miu, 02/06/10


Funny photo of cat

•• Comfortable sink, I fit in. See on the next photos my partner Miu, he fits in... almost. Let's say, he's big, reaaally big! Or he's fat. Or I'm very little!

Picture of cat inspecting shower water temperature

•• Hot water at the shower, I'm checking temperature.

Photo of cat in sink drinking water

•• Fresh and delicious water at the washbasin. I asked my she-human to open the water so I could drink, but she looked at me weird... I don't understand anything.

Funny cat picture - cats in bathroom

•• Stare at them!

funny cat pictures Line

cat paw print JUST IN: Clicker training trick

I can do tricks!!!

This is me doing tricks - I'm the Tonkinese/Havana Brown mix -- Emmy my "roommate is only 3 and she doesn't like the computer much...but my human mom and I do" -my human mom is teaching me to type (not really but I say what I want and she types it) 

You know how we cats are hard to stay still. You have to catch me in the moment for tricks...I am getting there up in age. I just had a birthday 2 days ago (Jan 29) and I am the big "07"

When I learned tricks, my owner spoke of the trick and I did it. She never used a clicker. Sometimes that clicker noise would scare me --I am not skittish by all means not used to the clicking noise--

This one isn't too bad. I had to reach out and touch someone (top picture on the right).

Let me see if I can find another... (bottom picture).

My kitten years but my human mom said "get the ball" and I got it. 

Oh. I don't know how to use a clicker : ( 

Hollywood suggested I learn! Next up she has plans to teach me "cat dancing" with her -using food as a reward.

FROM: Piper, 02/03/10


clicker training for cats - Piper is waving and fetching

•• This is me, Piper, doing TRICKS!

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cat paw print JUST IN: Useful advice

Cat and Mouse

Hi all felines,

"Two-legs" spend too much time playing computer games. A good way to get their attention is to take over the mouse - after all, it's what cats are for!

Purrs to all,

FROM: Ivy, 12/17/09



Photo of cat taking over the (computer) mouse

•• This is how you take over the mouse

funny cat line

cat paw print JUST IN: Useful advice

Exercise daily!

Hi, I'm Nina. I do these exercises daily, 'cause it's real important to stay fit! I call this exercise the "heel stretch". It's very difficult to do. I still can't do it without having a wall to lean against. But I'll get there. When I get reallly good at this, I'm gonna be on Broadway. Or maybe I'll try out for a cheerleading squad. Who knows...

FROM: Nina, 11/20/09


Cat doing cheerleader exercises

•• This is me - handling our dog!

funny cat line

cat paw print JUST IN: Useful advice

Hampering or dealing with unresponsive humans

It has been noted in studying my humans they have been paying entirely too much attention to a machine they call a PC. I have tried sitting in their lap whilst they play with a keyboard and thingy called a mouse. (Of all things!) Then walked across the keyboard while in use and was promptly deposited on the floor and admonished for my inconsiderate behaviour.

After due consideration it is now my conclusion that setting on top of the monitor and just staring at them for long periods of time accomplishes a much better result. Instantly I am treated with warmth from the offending object they stare at for hours and eventually rewarded with phrases for being a good kitty receive generous amounts of love and special treats.

Take heed my feline comrades, humans are so very easy to train if you know the meaning of patience.

Yours in consul, Sir Felix the Third a/k/a/ FeeLee

FROM: Sir Felix, 07/29/09



Funny picture of cat lying on a PC monitor

•• Lie on the monitor and stare at your human for hours!

funny cat line

cat paw print JUST IN: Useful advice

How to adopt the religion of the Female Cat

Attention All Female Felines!

First of all Ladies, here are 10 simple rules, adopt the religion of the Female Cat!

1. Eat When you are hungry (Frequent snacks are permitted)

2. Sleep when you are tired and disregard the humans clock.

3. Always bury your poop and demand immaculate sanitary facilities at all times.

4. Wash Often, especially after eating.

5. Be soft and fuzzy (Always) but keep your claws sharp!

6. Do not always come when you are called. (Unless perhaps food is involved)

7. Express your self passionately during sex, however try to avoid public displays.

8. Accept rules that you feel are necessary to your freedom, if you find them tolerable, tolerate them. If you find them too confining, break them.

9. Everything in excess! Moderation is control and for Dogs only!

10. Finally, Being powerful is like being a lady, if you have to tell humans you are, you are not!

FROM: Lady Victoria, 07/10/09


Picture of Lady Victoria of Cats A Lot Kingdom

•• Purringly submitted by; Lady Victoria of Cats A Lot Kingdom

cat fun pictures line

cat paw print JUST IN: Useful advice

How to honor Bast

Cats and Gods

Just a reminder to all felines of the world. Never forget to honor Bast!

Her appearance in our lives can be traced back to 3200BC and among many of her duties she protected humans from diseases and evil sprits. She was responsible for their health and healing as well as joy, music and dancing.

Cats were considered manifestations of the Deity then, were sacred and protected the humans grain from rats and mice. A human that killed a cat in those times was punished by death!

We were once worshipped as Gods......Never forget that!

The forgoing is brought to you as a public feline service to you while "Guarding Bast".

Yours in Feline Friendship, Lady Gray a/k/a "Smoke" and Sir Felix the Third a/k/a FeeLee

FROM: Lady Gray & Sir Felix the Third, 07/04/09


Picture of two cats by a sculpture of Bast

•• This is us - showing you how to honor Bast!

cat fun pictures line

cat paw print JUST IN: Useful advice

How to get rid of billies

Hi, my name's Tallie and I like to help my human, Morgan, get rid of evil bullies. We give them the stink eye!

Tallie is very smart, and whenever you tell her to do the stink eye, she does that face. Haha, she's amazing and very cute.

FROM: Lady Victoria, 07/02/09



Very funny picture of cat giving you the evil eye

•• My famous STINK EYE! ...and my human's not so famous ditto : )

funny cat line

cat paw print JUST IN: Useful advice

Primary Feline Advice;

Always remember humans have many functions, among the most important are to feed us, play with us, give attention to us, and to clean the litter box.

They can be taught many more complex and useful services such as grooming and sleeping arrangements to name a few, additionally they need to know basic rules involving our care and be constantly aware of our needs.

Humans can be taught quite easily if you start early and are consistent in your training routines. Rewarding them occasionally with affection by purring loudly and rubbing ones whiskers or tail upon them will further motivate them to become more subservient.

Do not be afraid to punish them with a low growl or well placed paw (claws extended) if they err in training. Above all never forget that it is extremely important to maintain one's dignity when around humans so they will always know who is the master of the house and universe they reside in.

FROM: Lady Victoria, 07/02/09



Photo of a beautiful black and white cat sitting in front of a cat poster

•• Me! ...and some other cats

funny cat line

cat paw print JUST IN: Useful advice

Not really advice, but a great story!


I was just 1 motnth old when Evi found me. Someone set me on a flowerbed to die. I had a very sick eye and i was also underweight. Evi took me to to the docktor and since then I stayed with her.

The docktor said that i have to have a surgery to survive. They needed to remove my left eye. Evi gave a premision to do that operation and keep me as a friend. Time to time Evi cleans my eye but mostly i can handle it myself.

I was found on 14th of July, 2007. Sience then my birthday is on 14th of July cause nobody really knew when i was born.

Nowadays we are best buddys. We play together alot. My favourite toy is grey mouse. If Evi comes from work i'm very happy. Together we have been through many obstacles. Thanks to Evi, i have wonderful and lovely home and family.

Love, Pupsik.
Estonia, Parnumaa

FROM: Pupsik, 07/01/09



Funny photo of cat lying on a clothes drying rack

•• The clothes drying rack can be a great place to sleep!

funny cat line


• USEFUL ADVICE pictures and funny stories from creative and clever cats!

• PRODUCT REVIEWS pictures and - you guessed it; reviews from critical, but objective cats!

• CLICKER TRAINING TRICKS pictures and informative comments - learn how to clicker-train YOUR human.

funny cat line

Here you can warn your fellow felines about disgusting cat litter that smells of cheap human perfume, or give them good advice on how to scare off annoying little children that insist on chasing you around the house and pulling your tail, or you can tell all the other clicker-cats about how YOU clicker train YOUR human to give you more treats.

So send us your picture and we will put it on our site!

Click here to see how to submit your picture
submit cat picture box btm


We hope you'll have fun browsing through our site and (maybe) send us a picture of your own!
: )

Sonny & Cher
/March 15, 2007


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